The new server is almost up and running. I tested it against an old data backup earlier today and it worked out great. As soon as the data leading up to earlier today gets onto the new server, I'll turn it all on and get things going.

The DNS will probably propigate slowly over the weekend, so *.metafilter.com will not resolve to the new box, meaning we will be able to reach a temp name but not ask metafilter or metatalk until the DNS change is complete.

The new servers are scorching fast with no users on them (heh), but I suspect they'll remain fairly fast once everyone starts wailing on them. For those of you interested,  the old server was a dual athlon 1800MP box with 4Gb of RAM and about 150Gb of HD space on a T1 line. There are two new servers in a datacenter to replace that. The web server will be (j)running on a single 2.8Ghz P4 processor with 1Gb of RAM and 80Gb of RAID storage. The database is on a dual 2.4Ghz xenon server with 2Gb of RAM and 200Gb of RAID storage. Splitting the database duties to a dedicated box should resolve server load problems the site has experienced in the past. The only weak link as I can tell will be the network connection between the two for transmitting data. Hopefully data moving from the database server across 100Mb/sec ethernet to the web server will be quick enough for everyone.

It looks like it'll take another 4 hours or so to finish the data transfer then we're in business, which I'll post about here. I'll open up comments on this post if you're having withdrawls.


37 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. mark says:

    Um… no mention of the time of this post that I can see, but four hours sounds like a pretty quick changeover.
    Thanks for all the hard work Matt! I even tried to signup, just in case 🙂 There was a message there earlier. If nobody else has tried it, the message said something to the effect of:
    “You’re almost there. I am moving the site onto two new very fast servers, and once that’s completed I will be opening up signups for a small donation. The donation will be used to offset the added costs of the new bandwidth, which will be much higher per month.”
    I almost choked when I noticed the signup page was different today! Maybe I’m the only one who checks it daily?

  2. mathowie says:

    Should be up and running around midnight, PST Friday. And new user signups will come back to life sometime next week.

  3. Steely Duran says:

    This is such good news. I’m completely delighted!
    Good luck with the final stages of the move, Matt! We’ll catch you on the flip side.

  4. C-ko Linde says:

    Thanks for moving the servers, and for opening it up for new signups! I’ve wanted to sign up for a year now, and it’s always been closed.

  5. soyjoy says:

    Thanks, Matt, but jeez, it’s gonna kill me to wait till midnight PST. I may have to get a life or something.

  6. t r a c y says:

    oh boy, i was away for a week and i come back and everything is all shiny brand new. thanks matt (& whoever else may be helping you out) 🙂

  7. Mark says:

    The “.” post means you don’t read metatalk enough! 🙂
    It usually just means “I agree” but the poster didn’t have really anything else to contribute.

  8. ssFlanders says:

    does yourbestfriend’s link count as the first electionfilter post of the neonatal version of NewFi? I think it does. Holy crap that was quick.

  9. DrJohnEvans says:

    Man, I didn’t even read the whole post. I just scrolled down to the bottom to see if comments were enabled.
    It’s gonna be a long weekend.

  10. notsnot says:

    Thanks Matt!
    I think I speak for all of us (established users and those champing at the bit to get in) when I say that I’m amazed and very grateful for all the time and dedication you’ve put into the MeFi community.

  11. KevinSkomsvold says:

    The web server will be (j)running on a single 2.8Ghz P4 processor with 1Gb of RAM and 80Gb of RAID storage. The database is on a dual 2.4Ghz xenon server with 2Gb of RAM and 200Gb of RAID storage.
    I love when you talk all sexy like that.
    Looking forward to the new home, Matt. I’ll drop a little dough to ease the pain.

  12. wendell says:

    Personally, I welcome our new server overlords.
    (Beats the crap out of our old server overLOADs)
    Thanks, Matt, for your commitment to the upgrade of our Internet Home. It’s almost like an Extreme Makeover… Matt, you don’t have a camera crew and a dopey carpenter named Ty with you, do ya?

  13. t r a c y says:

    where can i paypal some more dough for the upgrades…? i failed to bookmarked it the last time… was it on matt’s site, i can’t find anything. someone wanna link it here…?

  14. yerfatma says:

    skallas:100mpbs dedicated just between the servers is a whole lot of bandwidth. That probably wont be your bottleneck.
    Word. If that’s Mefi’s biggest problem in the future, long may she run.

  15. dash_slot- says:

    I’ll open up comments on this post if you’re having with*drawls*.
    I need to be Texan to post here? (“,)

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