Stats up the wazoo

In late June, an advertiser asked me for some stats on MeFi's readership and I had no clue. I haven't tracked web server stats in about two years, and back then it was serving about 2 million pages on a good month to about 200k unique IP addresses.

July marks the first full month of statistic gathering, and the numbers are astounding. Here are stats for only (metatalk and ask mefi aren't included in this):

# of unique IPs: 439,043
# of visits: 1,290,148
# of pages served: 6,361,029
bandwidth used: 230.4 Gb

Over six million pages were spit out by the servers. That's totally beyond my wildest guesses.

Ask MetaFilter gets quite a bit less traffic, here are the stats on Ask MeFi alone:

# of unique IPs: 159,952
# of visits: 498,454
# of pages served: 1,921,124
bandwidth used: 45.2 Gb