Damn you Microsoft! (shakes fist)

I should have learned by now, but for some odd reason I still let my windows servers auto-update every night, and in the past this bit me in the ass. Today, the same thing happened again: at some point last night both the web and db server auto-updated, restarted themselves, and the web server OS completely flaked. The ISP is seeing a blank black screen and nothing else, so it is hosed.

Luckily, I'm in the middle of the migration to new servers and I've already loaded backups of the web site and databases to them. So instead of rebuilding the old box only to wipe it out next week anyway, I'll be deploying the sites to the new boxes and changing the DNS later today when we've tested out the sites. The new setup is untested and using some new software so it'll probably hit a few snags and when the site comes back we may still have some bugs about, but in the next day or two, we'll work it out.

Expect to see MeFi down for the next 4-8 hours, likely up sometime Sunday night for you.