We are currently down, doing maintenance

And our 10pm shutdown has started. We'll update this post as we get through the process, but we hope to be back within 2 hours.

  • 10:00pm server brought down, all traffic redirected to down.metafilter.com
  • 10:05pm backing up recent database changes
  • 10:08pm db changes complete, transfering to new db server
  • 10:16pm db transfer halfway done
  • 10:28pm transfer complete, restoring database from backup in progress
  • 10:41pm db restore nearly done
  • 10:51pm new db server migration complete! Sites are back online!
  • 10:55pm DNS has been moved to a new IP. Within 15min to a few hours, you should start hitting our new servers.
  • 10:58pm Less than an hour total, yay! I'm calling this complete and closing this post up for good.