All is good

The server move went well last night (thanks to full backups transfered earlier in the day and differential backups of just that day's activity), and DNS changes were made before midnight. The new server feels screaming fast, but the real test will be in a couple days as weekday traffic peaks begin to hit it, but so far this has been the smoothest server move to date.


We are currently down, doing maintenance

And our 10pm shutdown has started. We'll update this post as we get through the process, but we hope to be back within 2 hours.

  • 10:00pm server brought down, all traffic redirected to
  • 10:05pm backing up recent database changes
  • 10:08pm db changes complete, transfering to new db server
  • 10:16pm db transfer halfway done
  • 10:28pm transfer complete, restoring database from backup in progress
  • 10:41pm db restore nearly done
  • 10:51pm new db server migration complete! Sites are back online!
  • 10:55pm DNS has been moved to a new IP. Within 15min to a few hours, you should start hitting our new servers.
  • 10:58pm Less than an hour total, yay! I'm calling this complete and closing this post up for good.

Downtime coming up this Saturday

We are planning on 1-2 hours of downtime this Saturday night, Dec 17th at 10pm Pacific. 


Moving images/scripts/styles to a new server

We're in the process of moving all our and requests from one old linux box to a new one. The DNS switch was thrown a couple hours ago so chances are users will be hitting the new box very soon.

We did notice some slight slowdowns serving up images on the new server, but we are working on tweaks to the server settings and should get things back up to speed soon. Ultimately, if all goes well, you won't even notice we moved to a new server.


DNS issues

If you couldn't reach the site between the time of Friday afternoon (GMT -8) and Saturday morning, chances are it was due to DNS issues from a botched nameserver move. Everything should be in working order now though and you should be connecting to from 25 different places on earth, so hopefully connections will be quicker and smoother in the future.


Scheduled Downtime: Friday 11pm

It's that time of month again. We're going to have some server maintenance time tomorrow at 11pm Pacific Time for around 30 minutes.


Quick Update

We're updating the server at the moment, and should be back in about ten minutes.

Update: Done!