Server Running Slow

We’re having some server trouble this morning and we’re working to correct it. Until we have things fixed the server might be running slow or unresponsive. Sorry about the trouble.

Update (2:17pm Pacific): The server is back up to full speed.


New Status Blog

Our old status blog was removed by the service that was hosting it. Long live the new status blog!

Currently Offline

MetaFilter is currently offline. We're working on the problem and will update here when we have more info.

Update (10:21PM Pacific): The database server is throwing serious errors, and has a failing hard drive. We're in the process of restoring from backups from about 8:40PM on a backup server to see if we can get things running there while the database server is being fixed.

(11:57PM): The database server has had its hard drive replaced, and we've restored from backups on a staging server successfully, but lost about an hour and a half worth of data before the drive died. We're now trying to see if we can bring the database server back online and the site soon after.

(12:57AM): The site is back, restored to 8:40PM Pacific. Thanks for your patience.

(1:24AM): Offline again until we work out some bugs.

(4:07AM): Site is back, restored to 7:40PM and running well again.